Hosting and Cloud Computing

Hosting of your applications and websites is accessible anytime, anywhere, thanks to internet. This solution gives you all the flexibility and scalability necessary to maintain your growth.

Web Hosting

As a cloud expert, Volutus hosts and manages all the specific configurations of a wide selection of environments, including CMS and frameworks (JAVA, PHP, .Net, WordPress, Drupal, Kentico, Magento, etc.)

Shared Hosting

No matter your environment, Volutus adapts to your reality. Our shared hosting allow you to have a lower infrastructure cost while maintaining a high level of security.

Dedicated Hosting

Your business need a hosting solution dedicated to your needs?Once again, Volutus will adapt to your reality and offer you dedicated, secure and robust hosting.

SSL certificat

We offer you rigorous authentication solutions, fraud detection and management of digital security certificates.

High Availability

Focus on your own business. Volutus monitors your installations in real time and guarantees 99.5% availability.

FileMaker Hosting

Take advantage of our FileMaker know-how and our infrastructure, perfectly suited to host your solutions. We take care of the infrastructure management to ensure high availability of your data at all times.

Adapted environment

Depending on the size of your databases, the number of users and your usage, Volutus offers you a flexible and scalable environment.

Reduced maintenance

Have peace of mind! We cover the costs of hardware, updates, and regular maintenance of the cloud infrastructure that hosts your FileMaker solution.

Protection of your data

Does your FileMaker solution contain all your critical business data? No problem ! Our hosting includes standard security protections such as SSL certificates or secure remote user authentication.


Access your solutions anytime from your phone, tablet, or computer.


Application Hosting

Reap the benefits of our technical expertise and entrust us with your solutions (software, CRM, ERP, etc.). Volutus takes charge of infrastructure management so that you can have high availability of your data at all times.


Our offer applies to integrated management software (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and automated marketing platforms (Mautic ...).

Geo Redundancy

Volutus ensures the continuity of your vital IT functions by offering you high availability of your application solutions anywhere and anytime.


Volutus ensures optimal security of your accommodation. Thanks to our cloud service, you no longer have to worry about losing your data during a disaster, theft, or a major technical breakdown.