Disaster Recovery Service

Offer yourself peace of mind and secure the future of your business by ensuring that you have the ability to continue your activities after a disaster, attack, or damage.

Ensure your Company’s Business Continuity!

When damage disrupts your activities, your company is exposed to major risks. Therefore, Volutus plans and ensures the continuity of your business by developing disaster recovery scenarios tailored to your needs.

Monitoring of your IT Systems

We ensure high availability of your critical infrastructures. We minimize the risk of service interruptions and prevent IT outages to keep you productive.

Resumption of your IT Services as Soon as Possible

When your IT system goes down, we develop a business continuity plan and offer solutions to restore your business as quickly as possible.

Prepare for Any Eventualities

We develop customized disaster recovery scenarios for all the major disasters that your company could face: major breakdown, natural disaster, computer attack, etc.

IT Disaster Recovery Testing

The repercussions of failure are vast. By testing your disaster recovery plan, your company will be better prepared for when a crisis occurs. We test your plan to ensure its effectiveness.